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12 km from Málaga capital and forming part of its bay, with nearly 7 km of coastline, Torremolinos lies right in the heart of de Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos offers visitors, practically all year round, the possibility of bathing in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with the best facilities, medical attention, comfort and, in short, amusement and leisure.

san miguelCalle San Miguel is beyond all doubt the heart of Torremolinos. Strolling along it , it is so easy to be caught up by that cosmopolitan and singular atmosphere that has made it so well-known.

With establishments of al l kinds, visited by public all year round, it is, without any doubt, the great showcase of Torremolinos and, probably, the best example of the constant collaboration between the City Council and the everyday entrepreneur.

Torremolinos holds annual music festivals which are already a national and international benchmark. Some examples are the Freedom Festival and the Rockin' Race Jamboree.

The Principe de Asturias Municipal Auditorium is one of the largest in Andalusia. Equipped with sound equipment and lights for all kinds of music concerts, ballet, plays and all types of popular and cultural events.

torremolinosFor those that prefer to rest and enjoy their holidays relaxing, going for long strolls through the city parks and gardens which fill our town, then La Bateria Park, recently opened, is a must. But if you prefer the esplanades of pine groves for having a delicious picnic under the shade of a legendary tree, then visit one of the three big pine groves in Torremolinos. They are extremely relaxing.

Torremolinos has lately become a fashionable destination for elite sportspersons.
Apart from its unbeatable natural conditions for practicing sea sports, it is also equipped which state-of-the-art sport facilities such as the "Ciudad de Torremolinos" Municipal Sports Stadium, the "Virgen del Carmen" indoor Olympic shimming pool or the "Palacio San Miguel" Sports Centre.
Ho other tourist resort has such a wide sports offer.

Those that wish to enjoy Torremolinos to the full, will be able to do so by directly taking part in its most popular customs and festivals held throughout the whole year.

The Retro Dance Championship, the Carnivals, the Certamen de Verdiales (Flamenco Competition), Easter Week, the Cruces de Mayo (Crosses of May Festival), the Día del Pescaíto (Fried Fish Day), the Día del Turista (Day of the Tourist), the Veladilla de San Juan (St, John's Eve celebrations) and the Corpus Chisti feast are some of the most important celebrations.

Torremolinos could not be famous all over the world as a cosmopolitan, beautiful and eminently tourist city if it didn't have a good hotel infrastructure.
There are a majority of three and four-star hotels which are also exellent value for money. Hotels in Torremolinos have been renovated and modernized so much over the last three years thath it has the highest ratio of most modern hotels in all Spain.

The Torremolinos scene, famous all over the Costa del Sol, also has personality of its own and is defined by its special charm. It doesn't only attract foreign visitors, but locals as well, who flock here every weekend from surrounding towns to go clubbing at some of the most buzzing venues such as Pueblo Blanco and La Nogalera, amongst others.

In Torremolinos there is great vitality and desire for having a good time from dusk till dawn.


carihuelaLa Carihuela

Playa Miguel is located in La Carihuela, the old fishing quarters of Torremolinos, a peaceful and family-friendly town, whit pleasant locals. Although still a fishing harbour, many fishermen have changed their boats and nets for businesses such as restaurants, chiringuitos, souvenir kiosks and other provisions to provide services for the tourists that visit the area every year to enjoy the sun, the beach and good food.

The beach is more than 2 km long, and is enviable for its cleanliness and extraordinary service of deck chairs and parasols, it is lined with its famous chiringuitos, small restaurants, famous for their fish and shellfish, where the service is unique.

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