At 12 kms, from Málaga capital and forming part of its bay with a coastline of almost 7 kms, Torremolinos is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos offers visitors, practically the twelve months of the year, the possibility to dive into the warm and transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with the best facilities, medical assistance, comfort and, ultimately, fun and leisure.

Calle San Miguel is undoubtedly the nerve center of Torremolinos.

Walking through it, we can easily become infected with that cosmopolitan and unique environment that has made it so well known.

There are establishments of all types visited by a constant racking throughout the year. It is undoubtedly the great showcase of Torremolinos.

Torremolinos hosts annually music festivals that are already a benchmark nationally and internationally. Examples of this are The Freedom Festival and the Rockin`Race Jamboree.

The Prince of Asturias Municipal Auditorium is one of the largest in Andalusia. It is prepared with sound and lighting equipment for all types of concerts of music, ballet, plays, and all kinds of popular and cultural events.

For those who prefer to rest and enjoy their vacations more leisurely taking long walks, they can do so by letting themselves be carried away by that comfortable sensation that wakes up the walk between the sun and the cleanest of the airs that flood the gardens and urban parks (like the recently inaugurated by La Batería), or one of the three large pine forests that Torremolinos has, are extremely relaxing.

Torremolinos has become, for some time now, the usual destination for elite athletes. It is added to its unbeatable natural conditions to practice nautical modalities the provision of the most modern sports facilities such as the Polideportivo Municipal Stadium "Ciudad de Torremolinos", the indoor Olympic pool "Virgen del Carmen" or the San Miguel Palace. An unparalleled sports offer in another tourist resort.

Those who wish to enjoy Torremolinos in its purest essence, can do so by participating full of their customs and popular festivals that are celebrated throughout the year.

The Retro Dance Championship, the Carnivals, the Verdiales Contest, Holy Week, the May Crosses, the Pescaíto Day, the Day of the Tourist, the San Juan Verandah and the Corpus Christi are some of the most important celebrations.

Torremolinos could not be famous in the whole world as a cosmopolitan city, beautiful and eminently tourist if there was no great hotel infrastructure. Predominate three and four star hotels that show the excellent value for money that exists. The hotels of Torremolinosse have renovated and modernized so much in the last three years that their hotel floor is now one of the most modern in Spain.

The "Movida" Torremolinos, famous throughout the Costa del Sol, has its own personality and defined by its special charm.

It not only attracts foreign visitors but also the people of Malaga who, from their respective locations, go every weekend to some of the places of more "march" such as White Village and La Nogalera, among others. In Torremolinos there is vitality and you win to have fun from night to dawn

The Carihuela


Playa Miguel is located in La Carihuela, the old fishing area of Torremolinos, a quiet and family town, with friendly people. Although fishing continues, many fishermen have changed boats and nets for restaurants, beach bars, souvenir kiosks and other establishments to serve tourists who visit the area every year to enjoy the sun, the beach and good food. .

The beach, more than 2 kms. long, is enviable for its cleanliness and extraordinary service of sunbeds and umbrellas; along it are the well-known "chiringuitos", small restaurants famous for their fish and seafood and where the service is unique.